The Cory Learning Center

The center offers members of our community a variety of self-paced programs to assist them in improving their level of education and self-sufficiency. Our programs are personalized to fit each individual's needs. Learners are tested to determine their level of knowledge and their curriculum is based on the areas needing improvement. Students have the ability to get an education while meeting their work schedule or other obligations.

New 2014 GED Changes

As of January 2014, the GED test will be computer based and involve more interactive strategic thinking. The center now has a new internet based software allowing students to log on from any technology device, while also informing the center of the work completed. It provides flexibility, superb access, an opportunity for quick completion, and current material that is more relatable for students to comprehend and have greater interest.

Cory Learning Center Services

  • GED one-on-one tutoring and exam preparation for those 16 years and older
  • Basic high school level tutoring
  • Assists GED students with financial assistance towards the GED exam if they are unable to pay
  • Basic literacy tools for those under a fifth grade reading level
  • Leadership program that prepares and trains one for community leadership, promotes self-sufficiency, life skills, college preparedness and workforce skills.

Learning Center Hours of Operation

Monday Thursday 11am 8pm

Registration is scheduled based upon the openings available. All programs are free of charge. For additional information regarding the registration, contact Wynette Kelly or Amanda Cuellar Monday-Thursday 9am 5pm.

If you would like to help us make a difference, please contact Valerie Longoria Bueno by calling 432.332.1387 or use our contact form to request further information.

Catholic Charities Community Services Odessa, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

We are a United Way agency.

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